Catawba Regional Partnership 


The Census Management Team is a group of representatives from Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare, Catawba Hospital, and regional inpatient facilities.  The team manages the regional inpatient census through promotion of a higher or lower level of care, as clinically indicated.  CMT prioritizes admissions to the most appropriate level of inpatient psychiatric care for each consumer presented.  The team members are empowered to represent their organization and to make admissions decisions on behalf of their organization.  The CMT is authorized by each participating organization in the Catawba Regional Partnership to make the final placement decision for each patient.  CMT includes representatives from Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare, Catawba Hospital, Carilion Clinic, LewisGale Regional Health System, and the Catawba Regional Partnership Project Manager.

CMT talks daily by conference call to distribute information on the current bed availability of regional facilities and to discuss cases which may need either a higher or lower level of care.  Voluntary patients are not discussed in the CMT daily calls. The team meets face to face on the second Wednesday of each month to address regional census issues. 

Catawba Hospital Geriatric Transfer Process:

The following process for transfer of all geriatric patients from private hospitals to Catawba Hospital will be implemented July 1, 2015.   This process is applicable for geriatric transfers ONLY and includes the entire Catawba Hospital catchment area for geriatric admissions, including:

  • Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare

  • Alleghany Highlands Community Services

  • Horizon Behavioral Health

  • Harrisonburg-Rockingham CSB

  • New River Valley CSB

  • Northwestern CSB

  • Piedmont CSB

  • Rockbridge CSB

  • Valley CSB


  1. Private hospitals will contact the Emergency Services (ES) Director, or designee, of the patient’s CSB of residence, to obtain approval for transfer request to Catawba.

  2. The CSB ES Director, or designee, will notify Gail Paysour, Region 3.a. Regional Projects Coordinator, that the transfer has been approved by the CSB.  Email is and phone number is 540-266-9238. 

  3. The private hospital will fax information regarding the patient to Catawba prior to presenting the case on the census management team (CMT) conference call.   Fax number is 540-375-4399. Information needed by Catawba includes:

    • Prescreening

    • Commitment order

    • TDO and petition

    • Judicial authorization if applicable

    • H1N1 and MRSA screening forms

    • Medical information to include recent labs, EKG, and urinalysis

    • Medication list

    • Physician notes—initial admission/intake note and last week of notes

    • Last week of progress notes

  4. The private hospital will present the case on the CMT conference call for discussion and recommendation for transfer.  The presentation can be made the day following faxing of information to Catawba,  if information is obtained by 4pm. CMT members include representatives from Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare, Catawba Hospital, Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital, and LewisGale Medical Center.   While not mandatory, representatives from the CSB of the individual being presented are urged to be on the conference call to participate in the discussion of the case.  There are no set days for geriatric presentations. The call is held at 11:30 a.m. each weekday (except on state holidays).  Conference call number is 866-820-3112.  Conference code number is 5402669200#. The following information should be presented on individuals being brought to CMT for discussion: 

    • Name

    • Age

    • Date admitted

    • Diagnoses

    • Confirmation that they have been committed involuntarily

    • History of previous psychiatric hospitalizations —dates and length of stay

    • Events leading to admission

    • Current presentation and behaviors on the unit that support continued psychiatric instability

    • Current medications and compliance

    • Any changes in presentation since admission—improvements or decompensation

    • Outpatient treatment compliance

    • Other information that may be asked by CMT: family and community supports, previous medications and reason for changes, current acuity on the unit, SA history

  5. Based on presentation of patients, the CMT members then discuss the appropriate level of care needed for the individual.  They will prioritize based on acuity of patient symptoms for available beds. 

  6. If there is no available transfer bed, the individual will be placed on a waiting list.  When a bed does become available, the Regional Manager will notify the private hospital to be on the next conference call to review the case.  All individuals on the waiting list are prioritized based on current acuity and need, not necessarily length of time on the waiting list. 

  7. Following CMT recommendation for transfer to Catawba, medical approval by Catawba staff is still necessary prior to transfer.  Catawba will notify the private hospital of final acceptance after full review of all submitted documentation.